Safety and Security with Residential & Commercial Tinting

Whether you’re a proud homeowner doing all that they can to make their house a home, or an entrepreneur trying to make their way in the challenging world of modern business, it’s likely that your building’s safety and security are a high priority for you. You know that while your windows may afford you a wonderful view, they can also give those with malicious intentions a view into your home or enterprise.

You may have considered window coverings for your safety, security, privacy and economy… But you may be blind (pun intended) to the benefits of window tinting and film covering. Let’s take a look at what commercial and residential window tinting can offer...

Safety and security for residential and business customers

For homeowners and business owners alike, window tinting has a wealth of safety and security features that window coverings simply cannot offer. For starters, they protect your privacy in daylight hours and can be tinted to whatever degree you wish. What’s more, they are safer and more secure than traditional window coverings as they hold together broken glass, mitigating your vulnerability and protecting the safety of all within. Even if someone with malicious intent tries to get in by breaking a window, a strong layer of urethane will prevent them from gaining ingress. You’ll also be spared the safety risks caused by broken glass.

Window films vs window coverings

Still not convinced? Window films offer a range of benefits with which coverings simply can’t compete. Additional safety and security are really just the tip of the iceberg.Those who opt for window films rather than coverings enjoy;

Improved indoor cooling- Businesses and residences alike can run up significant air conditioning costs when trying to keep cool in the Nevada sun. Window film, however, reflects between 40% and 80% of the solar energy that shines down on them, reducing your cooling costs by up to 30%!
Reduced glare- Whether you’re watching TV or working on an all-important report, glare can be a distracting and unwelcome nuisance. Window tinting reduces glare by 40-80% without depriving you of sunlight or your lovely view.
UV protection- No home or business wants their furniture and belongings to be faded by invasive UV rays from the sun. Fortunately, window films block 99.9% of all incoming UV rays.
Privacy- Enjoy the ability to look out of your window during daylight hours without others being able to peek in to see you.
Cost effectiveness- With prices starting at just $4.25 per square foot, it’s easy to see how window films may be a more cost effective option than coverings.

Why choose Capital Residential and Commercial Tinting?

We hope we’ve made it clear (pun intended once again) that window tinting is a great choice for homeowners and businesses. What’s more, at Capital Residential and Commercial Tinting we have the skills and experience to deliver outstanding quality of service at a price you won’t believe.

We also offer a host of flexible and affordable payment options with no credit needed.

Want to know more? We thought you might. Get in touch today and see how our window tinting services can transform your home or business premises.


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