The Difference in Temperature Made by Office Tinting

So you’re thinking about tinting your office windows? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because here at Capital Residential and Commercial Tinting, we have a wealth of experience with office tinting, and can provide you with all of the information you could need, before going ahead.

While there are many benefits to tinting your office windows, including reducing glare and adding a level of privacy, you will also find that there are many benefits in terms of the temperature of your office too. So if you are looking for office tinting in Las Vegas, read on to find out more.

We all know that, in order to do a great job at work, your employees need to be comfortable and happy. And there may be a range of factors that affect this, but there are some that we can directly help you to control. Because if your office gets too hot, and it’s hard to manage, it may affect the productivity of your staff. Sure, you can invest in great air conditioning, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to minimize your air conditioning costs and focus more on saving energy? Let’s take at how office tinting can help you to do that.


First of all, you’ll find that you can help with your heating issues by using office tinting. Because when you have lots of windows, you’re always letting more heat in when the sun is shining. But with office tinting in Las Vegas, you’ll find that the window films offer between 40% and 80% total solar energy rejection!


Now, you’re tired of the excess heat you keep getting in the office due to having such large windows. But the views are great, so what can you do? Sure, you can keep the air con flowing, but you will find that window films also help you to save up to 30% on your cooling costs!

The Summer Benefits

We all know that the summer months can be the worst for offices! It’s hot anyway, and you’re getting extra heat in due to the huge windows acting like a greenhouse! With all that excess trapped heat, it gets too hot! So the window films will stop excess heat from building up!

The Winter Benefits

Yes, there are also winter benefits too! Because the sun may still shine in winter and cause the same problems, along with glare and UV damage. With window film, you’ll also get upto 99.9% UV protection too.

And finally, as you can see from the points that we’ve outlined above, there are many benefits to getting your office windows tinted when it comes to temperature. So if you’re not only looking for privacy and to avoid the glare, but you also like the temperature benefits that you can get in both summer and winter, it would seem that office tinting in Las Vegas is perfect for you!

For more information on what Capital Residential and Commercial Tinting can do for your office, give us a call today!


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