The Benefits of Security Window Films

In the US, there are nearly 2 million robberies reported per year. This is a staggering number for a country ahead of the curve for so many things. Protecting your home or business from a break-in can be expensive, from the security system to the alarm systems that you could install. Luckily, there is more than one option for strong security for your residential or commercial space.

One of these options is security window film, and you should do as much research as it takes to make sure that your premises stays safe, and how your window film can help you. Let's take a look at how security window film can help you to stay protected from outside threats.

Break-In Threat Reduces

If you choose not to have security window film on the exterior of your windows, you are risking easy entry for those who don't have much respect for the law. Adding this window film to your premises helps to prevent robberies and home invasion because while it's thin and flexible, it creates a seal that makes glass harder to penetrate. A robber trying to smash a window doesn't anticipate it being difficult - after all, glass is as fragile as it gets and it should give in easily. However, security window film is designed to withstand multiple blows, and after a few hits, criminals aren't likely to pursue the robbery if the windows do not break. They could risk getting caught the longer the stay, and that wouldn't do. If they do manage to shatter the glass, they'll still struggle to get through the film itself, as it's designed to hold the shattered glass together.

Blocking The View

Believe it or not, most people believe that a break-in is only something that will happen under cover of darkness. In reality, most break-ins happen during the day when the sun is shining. Most of the time, this is because criminals can see what's in the house that they are breaking into by looking through the window. This can be prevented by choosing a tinted film on your glass, making it much harder to look through. The bonus of security window film that's not often noted is that your premises gain the protection from UV rays. The knock-on effect of this is that your home is made more energy efficient by blocking the heat from coming through during the summer months and then sealing the heat during the colder ones.

Preventing Harm

Glass from a window that's been shattered can be a threat to everyone that goes near it and not every safety threat comes from people looking to steal. A ball from a soccer game can still hit a window and shatter the glass. With security film, the window is held together, so there's no risk of being cut by flying shattered glass.

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