The Benefits of Office Tinting

Office tinting in Las Vegas refers to the process of applying a special plastic film to office windows to help improve light flow, enhance productivity, and reduce discomfort experienced by office workers. Office tinting can be carried out by professional window tinting services and can often be paid for with a flexible payment plan, suitable for small and large businesses alike.

The benefits of office tinting are many.

Reduce Glare

There’s nothing more annoying or uncomfortable for office workers than the glare of the sun pouring through their windows. Not only can it induce headaches and scupper productivity, but it can also increase the risk of eyestrain for employees staring at computer screens in direct sunlight.

Office tinting reduces the amount of light reaching the interior of the office space during direct sunlight, allowing workers to view computer screens without having to battle glare. Evidence suggests that protective films can reduce glare by between 40 and 80 percent.

Adjust Lighting

Office tinting allows you to create bespoke lighting conditions in your office, from regular tint to full-on blackout. You can also choose from a range of colors to suit a particular office environment.

Protect Workers And Fixtures From UV Rays

When workers are asked about the number one thing they want from their offices, many of them say something along the lines of “access to daylight.” But the problem with sunlight, of course, is that prolonged exposure is harmful to the skin and may increase the risk of melanoma.

Office tinting in Las Vegas applies a film to the windows that reduces the amount of UV radiation that can get through by 99.9 percent, offering almost complete protection. UV protection not only prevents damage to workers but also to the other fixtures and fittings in your office, like blinds, flooring, furniture, and interior paintwork. Removing UV prevents discoloration.

Keep Unwanted Heat Out

Offices with large glass windows can act a little bit like greenhouses during the summer by trapping heat. Not only could this potentially harm productivity, but it could increase your air conditioning bills.

Office tinting in Las Vegas helps to prevent heat radiation from the sun from entering your building in the first place, preventing heat from building up uncomfortably in warm weather.

Easy To Install

Many of the changes that you make to the office can be disruptive. New fitouts usually mean finding temporary accommodation for workers and computer terminals which can be expensive and take a toll on productivity. The good news is that film protection is easy to install and highly affordable. Film protection can be professionally installed in a single day without significant disruption to your regular business operations.

Enhanced Privacy

With the rise of high profile company security breaches in recent years, there’s increased demand from firms for added privacy. Office tinting can help here too. Tinting films are reflective and have a mirror finish. People looking into your office from the outside will not be able to see what’s going on within, keeping things like your passwords and trade secrets safe.


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